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Board of Trustees, Meetings, & Board Minutes

2019 Board Meeting Schedule 
Third Thursday of the month 6:30–8:00pm
*unless otherwise stated
  June 19th*, July 18th, August 15th

David Perez, Jr. President School Appointment
Term Expires 6/2019
Janet Kuhn Vice-President School Appointment
Term Expires 6/2020
Molly  Thornton Secretary City Appointment
Term Expires 6/2022
Deborah Miner City Appointment
Term Expires 6/2022
Karin McGuirt City Appointment
Term Expires 6/2022
Dennis Iler School Appointment
Term Expires 6/2019

Board Committees 2017 -2018

Building Thornton Iler Summerix, Thornton
Finance Kuhn Kuhn, Lysy, Perez
Fundraising & Public Relations Lysy Brooks, Gault, Lysy, Perez
Personnel Brooks Brooks, Kuhn, Perez
Policy Lysy Iler, Lysy, Thornton
Technology Brinklow Iler, Salo, Thornton
*Italics indicate non-board members

Library Board Meetings are held once a month and are open to the public. Any changes in meeting day and time will be posted in the library and on the website. Additional Library Board Minutes available at the Library upon request.

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Fiscal Year 2019-2020

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