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  What is Lexile?

Our “LEVEL” books are organized according to a measurement called Lexile. Lexile and other reading measurements are used to help identify reading materials that meet each child’s independent reading ability. They’re designed to help find “good fit” books that are a little challenging but not so difficult that a young reader gets frustrated. This allows kids to find books they can enjoy reading, without struggling to decode or understand the words on the page. *Note: The Lexile Text Measure only measures the text difficulty, not the content of the text. Parents should still help choose appropriate books for their children.


In many schools students have assessments throughout the year that are analyzed through the Lexile framework. The number the student receives is called a Lexile Reading Measure. You can ask your teacher for your child’s Lexile measure.

More than100 million books have received a Lexile Text Measure. This number correlates directly with a student’s Lexile Reading Measure. Our LEVEL books start in the 0–55L range. If your child has a “BR” before their Lexile Reading Measure it stands for “Beginning Reader.” Try our “We both read” books for children in this range, or simply choose picture books your child enjoys and read them aloud together.


Screenshot of BDL's catalog page showing more search options and search by Lexil Measure
Many books in our library have a Lexile Text Measure, not just LEVEL books. You can search for books of similar measures by going to the catalog and clicking More Search Options, then Lexile Measure. Then you can enter a range of measures you want to search for. *Note: This search option only searches the numerical value of the Lexile measure. Most E FIC (picture) books are labeled AD (Adult Directed) before their numerical value, and may have a higher Lexile Text Measure but are intended for adults to read to younger children.

Our Juvenile Fiction section (J FIC) has a mix of reading levels starting at about 400. You’ll notice that we have some of these 400 level books in the J FIC section and some in the LEVEL books section. They are the same reading level, just in different sections.

The chart below shows the what the average child in that age range will have as a measure at the beginning of the year and the end. The “sweet spot” for a student is 100 below to 50 above their stated measure. This is the start to finding a “good fit” book. Also keep your child’s interests in mind when choosing a book that they will enjoy. Being interested in the subject or story is very important to building a life-long love of reading and learning!










530-645L and J FIC




How can I learn more about Lexile?

Here are a few resources you can check out to better understand Lexile specifically, or guided reading more generally: