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Local History Donors

Over the years, the Buchanan District Library has grown a robust collection and archive of documents, photos, and other local artifacts which showcase the history of Buchanan. The collection has been made possible by the generosity of many donors throughout the decades. The Library wishes to sincerely thank the following donors for their recent gifts. We thoughtfully acknowledge all of our previous donors without whom our collection and Buchanan’s history would be lost.

Marjorie Aldrich

Wade Amiel

Connie Lee Baber

Joseph C. Bachman

Sarah Bailey

Mike Balos

Harry Banke

Robert and Judith Banke

Martha Banks

Kevin Barker

Georgia Barnhart

Deborah Batson

Joellen Bellaire

Dr. Eugene Benedict

Benton Harbor Public Library

Berrien County Historical Association

Berrien County Record

Berrien County Tax Equalization Department

Berrien Springs Community Library

Judith Bever

Josetta Bibbs

Donald L. Boyer

William Brackett

Donald D. Brooks

Bob Brown

Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce

Buchanan Area Senior Center

Buchanan College Club

Buchanan Community Schools

Buchanan Lodge No. 68, Free and Accepted Masons

Buchanan Police Department

Buchanan Preservation Society

Buchanan Scarecrow Charities

Bill Cameron

Julie Capron

Anthony Carbon

Betty Sue Carlisle

Duane Chain

Elizabeth Christie

City of Buchanan

Estate of Luella M. Clark

Rodney Clark

Samantha Clark

Martha Cleveland

Darlene Clevenger

Elaine Strong Cole

Jim Cole

Connie Conjalka

Armin Cornwell

Country Heritage Credit Union

Sandra Dalton

Janet Colip Dehring

Sally Dehring

Lou Dellinger

Ann Desenberg

Louis A. Desenberg

Corbin Detgen

Howard Dillman

Dave Dippo

Linda Doyle

Jesse East

Jim Eckelbarger

Ludwig Fadder

Tom Fehlner

Fernwood Botanical Garden

Norma Ferris

Scott Fisher

Jerry Flenar

Fort Saint Joseph Museum

Angela Fowler

Betty Francis

Rebecca Frazier

Dr. Robert French

Friends of Oak Ridge Cemetery

Edna Gardiner Estate

Dick Gault

Sarah Gault

Paul Gearhart

Patrick K. Gill

Anita Gillette

Lonnie Green

Shawne Greenleaf

Terry Hanover

Doris Harris

Laura Hauch

Nancy Heib

Mr. Hess

Pat Hickey

Tom Hitchcock & Joe Paolucci

Don Holmes

Roma Holmes

Brian Hubbell

Melanie, Robert, & Doris Hutchison

Jack Knight Air Mail Society

William Jaslowski

Marie Kangas

Marilyn Kay

Scott King

Estate of Glen and Lydia Kinney

Lois Klindworth

Alice Kring

Janet Kuhn

Jack Ladonski

Les and Carol Lamport

Rita Layher

Wendell and Janice Leist

Amy Lingle

Debbie Lonie

Emma Lysy

Peter and Mary Lysy

Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Library

Ann Maurer

Heather McCrea

Carol McKean

Tom McVeigh

Evelyn Mecklenburg

Mike Metz

Ruth Metzger

Michigan Gateway Community Foundation

Barbara Voyles Miles

Marcus Mitchell

William D. Moore

Barbara Godfrey Morgan

Dawn Mumford

New Good Hope Baptist Missionary Church

Don Nichols

Niles District Library

Pam O'Connor

L. Clare Olmstead

One Room School House Association

Diane Oppenhuiser

Wanda Orth

Jeff Paulette

Jack and Diane Payne

Eric Peterson

Virgil Peterson

Kim Pilarski-Hall

Heather Pruett

Carole Rauch

Redbud Area Ministries

Redbud Hardware

Virginia Reed

Charlotte Rifenberg

Jerry Ritter

Alan Robandt

Mildred Roe

Diane Ross

Kathy Rossow

Robert Rotzien

Brady Rousch

Rickie Russell

Susan Haedtler Ruth

Mrs. Herbert Ryan

Don and Martha Ryman

Emily Ryman

Eleanor Schwab

Leigh, Mary, John, and Joyce Schwartz

Paul B. Scott

Mary Scroggins

Joseph Shaner

Terry Sheets

Charlene Pears Simpson

Wilbur Smith

St. Anthony Catholic Church

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Marilyn Steele

Norma Stevens

Joyce Stibbs

Family of Sandra Stick

James Strong

Steve Sulak

Lyle Sumerix

Joyce Surch (in memory of Pearl Eckelbarger)

Margaret Swartz

Mary Swartz

Joe Swelnis

Frank Takace

Estate of Patricia Talbot

Fran Terry

The Thirty Club

Charles Town

John and Marjorie Foster Trapp

Kay Trull

Frances Tuite

United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 5

Dan Vigansky

Doyle Vergon

Robert Virgil

Jan Watson

Wednesday Book Club

Mike Weny

Western Michigan University Archives and Regional History Collections

Western Michigan University Department of Anthropology

Al Whitfield

Anne Marie Widmer

Mary Lou Williams

Doris Swartz Womack

Frances Froberg Wooley

Ruth Writer

Rick Young