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Imagine Your Story- Story Submissions

CSLP Summer Reading Banner Imagine Your Story fairy tale characters

As part of our Imagine Your Story Summer Reading Program,
we challenged participants to write their own Fairy Tales. Read and Imagine!

It's not too late to submit your own story; sign into Wandoo Reader for more details.
Email to to submit your story.
Bonus points for illustrating or video recording!

Princess in a tower

Submitted by Kyla Marshall

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived the most gorgeous girl of all.  She sat by her window hoping that one day her prince shall arrive. She dreamed of a life in the castle, a life with so many riches. Living In the orphanage was no life for a girl such as Kyla. She loved to sing and dance, bring smiles on all the kids faces, yet she was so unhappy. Losing both her parents in a car wreck when she was a baby left her memories blank. She did not remember who she was or where she’s from. She longs to know what her parents looked like? If they had any family she could live with? She had so many unanswered questions that were soon to be answered. The day of her sixteenth birthday she was called into the head mistresses office. As she entered, she saw the queen and the king standing before her. The queen’s eyes filled up with tears as she stared at Kyla. Nervous and unaware of what’s going to happen Kyla sinks into the shadow of the room. She’s brought back into reality with the boom of the Kings voice. He has his hand out towards Kyla wanting her to shake it. Should she? Will she be in trouble if she doesn’t? She’s worried with thoughts racing through her head faster than she can think. “Wont you at least shake your fathers’ hand?” To the sound of those words she slid to her knees with tears in her eyes. Her parents died when she was a baby. Why on earth was the king calling her his child. After lots of explaining and crying Kyla left the orphanage as the Princess of far far away. She lived happily ever after and never once looked back on her past life.

Livy and Ginger in the Dream World
Submitted by Cali Layne

Once upon a time there was a girl, her name was Livy, who really loved pandas. She would always dream about having one. Then one night she fell asleep but in her dream she woke up and there sitting was a little box and a really big box. The small box said, handle with care on it. The big box said food on it and Livy got confused. Then all of a sudden the small box started to move! There were little sounds coming from the moving box that sounded kinda like a baby. Livy would know that sound anywhere…

That is a panda!!!! She opened the box and a two week old panda crawled out of the box. Livy doesn't think it's real so she leaves her room and outside is a floating island full of animals like unicorns and winged horses and pandas! Livy says, “I think this is the fairy tale dream land.” The tiny, adorable panda comes up behind Livy and says “hello” in a very babyish voice and Livy just squeals. “I'm going to name you Ginger,” said Livy giggling. “Do you know how to get out of here Ginger?” “Sure I do, fowoe me.” They start going through the floating island and see the bridge to the door of getting out. They start to walk towards the bridge when a huge fluffy rainbow dog jumps out and says, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” “Why not?” said Livy. “Um well cause you can't”… “Are you going to ask me three questions or something?” “Uh no.” “Then why is there a door to get out if you won’t let me through?!” said Livy. “You have a good point, I'll just let you through I guess,” said the rainbow dog. And Livy said goodbye to Ginger and went through the door.

illustrated panda