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I Heart My Library

I Heart My Library

What do you "heart" at the library? Is it books about dinosaurs or outer space? Or do you prefer historical fiction? Maybe graphic novels? What about playing a ukulele from our Library of Things, or planting seeds in your garden from the Seed Library?

There are as many things to "heart" at the library as there are people who visit us, because  the library is your gateway to a world of information, ideas, entertainment, and more! 

In celebration of all there is to love about the library, we are launching the "I Heart My Library" campaign. Posters like the one on the left will be created featuring library patrons and whatever they "heart" at the library. These posters will then be distributed around town to help spread the library love!

If you would like to be in an "I Heart MY Library" poster, email Meg at 

This project is in conjunction with another exciting initiative that will bring public art to Buchanan using the Days Avenue side of the library’s building. In partnership with LiveBuchanan and the Roti Roti Art Center, temporary murals will be created by local artist Alex Ann Allen, featuring vibrant portraits of Buchanan kids. This is the "art" in "heart!" Each poster will feature Alex's colorful work as part of the design.

This project was made possible by grants from the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation and the Berrien Community Foundation.

Questions? Email Library Director, Meg Paulette Perez, at

Inspired by A Vision For Buchanan, the murals will be placed on the bottom six "panels" of the library's building along Days Avenue. The artwork will be hung using a framing system that will allow for the art to be interchangeable. Plans are underway to create an ongoing public art initiative that will bring new art to Days Avenue every year.

About Alex Ann Allen: 

"I am a traveling multidisciplinary artist based in South Bend, IN. The primary focus behind my work is portraiture and large scale vibrant murals. My passion and dedication lies in creating public art that brings communities together and helps beautify neighborhoods."

You can learn more about by visiting: